195ℓ Multimode Chest Freezer

195ℓ Multimode Chest Freezer

146ℓ Multimode Chest Freezer

  • A Energy efficiency

    Lower your energy consumption, reducing electricity costs and benefiting the environment

  • Chill-in technology

    The new Chill-In Technology is a superior cooling retention feature that keeps food frozen for at least 36 hours. It safeguards the food for longer in the case of interrupted power supply

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• A Energy efficiency
• Satin metallic finish
• Total net capacity: 146 Litres
• Chill-in technology
• Manual defrost
• Multimode control panel
• Mode selection
> Fridge (1ºC to 8ºC)
> Chiller (-2ºC to 3ºC)
> Freezer (-24ºC to -15ºC)
• White embossed steel top
• 1x Plastic basket
• Aluminum interior
• Plastic hinge
• Dimensions (H x W x D) 860 x 625 x 725 mm
Available in solar
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