30 L Mini Oven Hot Plate

The Defy 30L Mini Oven is delivers on maximum value for an affordable price. 2 solid plate tops and a 1500W Oven allow you to sauté, grill, bake or toast any meal. Other cool features include a stainless steel door handle trim, a 60 min timer with alarm and 3 accessories (bake tray, Wire Rack and tray handle). Experience maximum value with South Africa’s number one appliance brand.
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MOH 9328 B
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30 L Mini Oven Hot Plate

• 30 L oven capacity
• 2 hotplates
• 3250W
• Oven 1500W
• 1000W - left hotplate
• 750W - right hotplate
• Grill, bake & toast function
• Top & bottom heating element
• Black housing cavity
• Stainless steel door handle trim
• Variable temperature control
• 60min timer with bell ring
• Oven and hotplates can work simultaneously
• 3 control knobs
• Accessories:
• 1 x Bake tray
• 1 x Wire rack
• 1 x Tray Handle
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