8kg Air Vented Dryer

8kg Air Vented Dryer

8kg Air Vented Dryer

  • Electronic Sensor Control

    Advanced moisture and temperature sensors provide the convenience of choosing the desired dryness level for laundry making sure they are evenly dried at the requested level.

  • Easily Accessible Filter

    Defy’s tumble dryers feature user friendly filters that can be easily accessed and cleaned for excellent drying performance.

  • Auto Anti-creasing

    Automatically following the drying cycle, laundry is kept wrinkle-free inside the dryer for 2 hours while the machine continues to make gentle drum actions.

  • 8 kg Load


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DTD 311

DTD 310 - White

DTD 311 - Metallic

• 8kg drying capacity
• Air-vented dryer
• Electronic sensor controlled
• C energy rated
• 15 Programs
• Program follower
• LED display
• Child lock
• Easy accessible filter
• Auto-anti creasing
• Dimensions (H x W x D)
850 x 600 x 540 mm
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