Have you ever stopped to consider how your current refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine is impacting your life and the environment around you? With more time being spent at home and more appliances being used, we need all the savings we can get.

As one of the most energy-efficient, sustainable home appliance brands in South Africa, we make a conscious effort to improve quality of life and reduce our environmental footprint with our world-class, eco-friendly and power-saving technologies.

Our state-of-the-art CornerWash™ dishwasher, for example, has been designed with specific technology to produce the same results with less water usage. This machine only consumes 9.5L of water per wash cycle while most dishwashers use 12L. In addition to saving water, its A++ energy rating improves energy efficiency by 30% compared to A energy ratings, this then saves more on electricity costs and benefits the environment.

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Other Defy technologies, such as NeoCool™ Dual Cooling is another innovation aimed at using its A+ energy efficiency to consume 20% less energy than A class fridges, again reducing those electricity bills and helping the environment.

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Fitted in a wide selection of our cooling, washing, and laundry appliances are types of technologies that help our consumers save more in an environmentally friendly way. By making better choices about our appliances, we can all contribute to greener living.