Defy DFF463 Naturelight Side by Side

Defy DFF463 Naturelight Side by Side

SteamCure Combo 7kgWash 4kgDry

SteamCure Combo 7kgWash 4kgDry

Defy CornerWash™ Dishwasher

  • A++ Energy

    Improved energy efficiency by 30% compared to A energy rating to save more on electricity costs and benefit the environment.

  • Half Load

    Take less time and save more energy by choosing the half load function. This washes half of the load by using only the necessary amount of water per load of dishes. By using either one or both baskets filled you now have the choice for an environmentally friendly wash.

  • Auto Programme

    To determine the appropriate wash cycle needed, dirt sensors automatically govern the cleanliness of the dishes first. Practical and economical, the auto programme uses the minimum required amounts of water and electricity providing convenience and saving costs.

  • CornerWasher

    Introducing the NEW Defy CornerWasher Dishwasher, Defy's latest innovation in the South African dishwasher market. CornerWasher Technology is the most efficient and total hygienic cleaning system available. Defy's CornerWasher Dishwasher has a specialised elliptical three-spray arm and specially designed nozzles at the bottom of the machine that spins at different angles, allowing water and detergent to reach every corner. Unlike traditional dishwashers which clean in a circular motion, CornerWasher cleans in a rectangular motion. With this movement, not only is every corner of the dishwasher cleaned, but your dishes, glasses, trays and baskets are cleaned to spotless perfection too! With CornerWasher Technology, you will never need to soak or pre-scrub your dishes again, saving you time and reducing your water consumption too.

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DDW 356
Defy CornerWash™ Dishwasher with 15 place setting

DDW 356 / DDW 354

CornerWash™ Technology
A++ Energy efficiency
15 Place setting
9.5L Water consumption
8 Wash programmes
Sliding cutlery basket and full-size third cutlery tray
Electronic sensor control
LCD display
Automatic half load washing
Fast+ Function
Touch button control
Programme follower
Time delay
Salt indicator
Partial Metal filter
Self Cleaning Feature
Active Fan Drying
Everclean filter
2x adjustable mug shelves
Water overflow safety
Dirt sensor
3x spray levels
Height-adjustable top basket when unloaded
Adjustable feet
Tray wash
Steam gloss function
46dBA Noise rating
Stainless steel tub
Dimensions: 850 x 600 x 600 mm (H x W x D)
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