DEFY Logo Design Project - Defy

DEFY Logo Design Project


You’re invited to inspire and innovate with our exciting Defy Logo Design Project. DEFY is moving in an exciting new direction, and as such, we are calling on YOU to be a part of the journey with us! As a part of our DEFY ethos, your input is the most important to us.

We want to know: what inspires YOU as a South African? What do you love most about this country? What gets you excited? This is the very essence of DEFY: what is meaningful about being South African to you is meaningful to us.


Simply fill in your details below, attach your creative artwork and give us a short rationale on how you came up with your idea of a Defy logo. You have complete creative control over your submission. Use any colours, shapes or styles that you feel expresses what inspires YOU as a South African! Let your creativity show by designing a Defy logo and telling us your motivation behind your creative piece. This can be a poem, an inspirational story and if you’re someone of few words, try doodling your thoughts!


Good luck and make sure you submit your design before 23:59 on 8 April 2019. Please make sure that the information you’ve provided is correct as we’ll get in touch with you if you’re shortlisted.

Please note: the winning design will not be used as the Defy brand logo.

Find out more about the Defy brand at the bottom of this page and in the About Us section.

Step 1: Fill in your details below. Step 2: Upload your logo images (maximum of 3) Step 3: Tell us the story behind your logos.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, mp4, png, pdf.
    Max size of 2MB files allows
  • Accepted file types: jpg, mp4, png, pdf.
    Max size of 2MB files allows
  • Accepted file types: jpg, mp4, png, pdf.
    Max size of 2MB files allows


About the Defy Brand


Defy products are designed with exceptional, advanced technology – ensuring only the best for South African consumers. In the cooking appliance range, Defy’s signature Thermofan Technology is designed to heat and cook food evenly on both baking trays. In refrigeration, Defy’s Dual Cooling Technology is able to control the levels of humidity for more efficient cooling and fresher food. The Aquafusion Technology, featured in the Defy laundry range, is designed to ensure you get the most out of your laundry detergent for more effective washing.


Defy is the largest manufacturer and distributer of major domestic appliances in South Africa. As a result, Defy is considered to be the market leader in the South African large appliance market. All Defy production lines are ISO 9001-2009 accredited and Defy recently received ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. Defy is focused on growing and moving forward by developing a presence in Africa. The Defy brand was honoured in the 2016/17 KASI Star Brands™ Survey, being voted the best in 4 separate categories: microwave ovens, refrigerators, small domestic appliances and the stoves/ovens/hobs category.