Premium Gas Electric Range Cooker

Premium Gas Electric Range Cooker

Gas Electric Range Cooker

Gas Electric Range Cooker

Premium Gas Electric Range Cooker

  • Electronic Ignition

    The control knob is simply held down and turned to the left (counterclockwise) during this time the ignition button is pushed and held for approximately 10 seconds, whereupon the gas is lit.

  • Flame Failure Safety Device

    As a safety feature, should the flame extinguish for whatever reason the flow of gas to the burner will automatically be terminated.

  • Thermofan

    Produce more succulent roasts and give your baking better texture, with lowered temperatures due to the Thermofan’s airflow – saving electricity costs and consumption.

  • Multifunction Oven

    The multifunction core design has six options to make life easier in the kitchen, giving you the ultimate convenience.

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When it comes to a holistic cooking solution, you can’t get better than the Defy 900 Premium Gas Electric Range Cooker. A technologically innovative unit, the cooker range boasts Defy’s Thermofan+ technology for even and consistent heating that ensures every dish is a culinary success. The multifunction oven also comes with a range of features including defrost; Thermofan, fan-assisted and static bake; as well as turbo and static grill. The gas-powered hob has five cast-iron burners, as well as the added work burner which uses twin-flame technology. With the electric ignition and variable burner control, you’re able to cook in less time, saving on energy and costs.


  • 5 gas burners
  • 1 wok burner with twin flame (3.3KW)
  • Electric ignition
  • Variable burner control
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Cast iron pan supports
  • Electric multifunction oven system
  • Feast master: net volume: 112L
  • Electronic timer
  • Utility compartment
  • Easy-clean enamel oven interior
  • Cool touch double glass door
  • Roast pan and bake trays included
  • Black finish
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):920 x 900 x 600 mm
    Multifunction oven
  • Defrost
  • Thermofan bake
  • Fan-assisted static bake
  • Static bake
  • Static grill
  • Turbo grill
  • Variable grill control
  • 3-year guarantee
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