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Selected Colour: Manhattan Grey

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In an effort to improve quality of life and reduce their environmental footprint, Defy products are designed with world-class eco-friendly and power-saving technologies.

Defy SteamCure™ Washer Dryer – 7/4kg


The Defy SteamCure™ Washer Dryer  is the latest innovation in Defy’s Washer Dryers. Defy’s SteamCure™ Technology works to lift dirt for better cleaning and softens creases for easy ironing. The washer dryer will allow you to wash and dry up to 4 kg of laundry in one go. The program automatically adjusts the settings to achieve perfect washing and drying results every time.

  • Applicable Models: DWD 318

ProSmart Inverter Motor

Smarter and simpler components mean a more efficient motor with less vibration. Power is not wasted in friction, resulting in a quieter system with a longer lifespan. Defy's ProSmart Inverter Motor washing machines have a 10 year motor warranty.

AquaFusion Technology

In regular machines, nearly 25% of the detergent is lost through the drain before interacting with the laundry. The Defy AquaFusion Technology blocks the tub outlet to keep all the detergent inside the washing tub, giving you perfect cleaning results.

Hygiene+ Wash & Dry program

Helping allergy and asthma sufferers rest easy, our Hygiene+ Wash & Dry programme significantly reduces the amount of cat, dog and pollen allergens in your laundry during both washing and drying cycles. On top of this, traces of bacteria and fungi will also be eliminated, promising the ultimate in hygienic washing and drying.

Defy SteamCure™ Washer Dryer – 7/4kg

DWD 318

  • 7/4 Kg Wash & Dry Capacity
  • SteamCure™ Technology
  • 1200 RPM
  • 15 Programmes
  • Manhattan Grey
  • Brushless motor
  • Anti vibration side wall
  • Seamless XL door design
  • White LED Display
  • Hygiene+ Wash & Dry program
  • Fast + Function
  • Child lock
Model Code DWD318
Load Capacity 7/4kg
Electronic Control Yes
Automatic Water Control System Yes
AquaFusion Technology
Max. Spin Speed 1200
Brushless Motor Yes
Energy Efficiency B
Water Usage 45
Noise Rating 58 dB
H x W x D (mm) 840 x 600 x 500
Colour Manhattan Grey
Front Door Colour Manhattan Grey
Display LED
Wash Programmes 15
Programme-1 Cottons
Programme-2 Cottons Eco
Programme-3 Synthetics
Programme-4 Wool/Handwash
Programme-5 Mini/Mini14’
Programme-6 Down wear
Programme-7 Download cycle
Programme-8 Spin + Drain
Programme-9 Rinse
Programme-10 Shirts
Programme-11 Cotton Dry
Programme-12 Synthetic Dry
Programme-13 Hygiene + Wash & Dry
Programme-14 4kg Wash & Dry
Programme-15 Wash & Wear
Auxiliary Functions 4
Auxiliary Functions-1 Prewash
Auxiliary Functions-2 Fast+
Auxiliary Functions-3 Drying
Auxiliary Functions-4 BLE

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