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Do Portable Air Conditioners Really Work
Do Portable Air Conditioners Really Work

1m read

Do Portable Air Conditioners Really Work
Do Portable Air Conditioners Really Work1

Do portable air conditioners really work? What's the difference between portable and wall mounted ac units? When would you choose portable air conditioners? What are the advantages of portable aircons?


We've all dreamed of having a large room with several windows, a nice clean view and fresh air. But once reality kicks in, we either have to deal with hot and humid weather inside or open up our windows and be disturbed by the noise from traffic - and then there’s the bugs!


If you’re a tenant and don’t want to invest your hard-earned cash in installing air conditioning, or you just need a temporary solution, portable air conditioners may be the right choice for you.


Are Portable Air Conditioners Effective?


The short answer is yes. Portable air conditioners are effective in cooling indoor spaces up to approximately 55m2  depending on the model you choose.


However, there are several factors to take into account to get the most out of your unit. For example:

●      What is the size of the room you want to cool?

●      How many people will occupy the space?

●      What is the outside temperature?

●      How many windows and doors does the room have?


Ensure that you choose the right sized unit for your space, or you may be disappointed by your new purchase. Portable aircons are usually smaller than their wall-mounted cousins so in order to be as mobile as possible, but this obviously limits their cooling capacity.


Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?


Yes and no. The answer to this depends on which model you choose.


Units such as the Defy 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner work on the same basic principles as your wall-mounted aircons. They draw in air from the environment, cool it, and expel the warm air outside. Your standard split units are already built in such a way that the vents are already placed externally, but portable air conditioners are not. Therefore, they come equipped with a flexible exhaust pipe with an attachment that can be fixed to a window allowing the hot air to escape.


But, what if you don’t have a suitable space to accommodate this functionality? If you're looking for a portable air conditioner that works well in your room, but doesn't have to be vented outside, look into the Defy 7030 Air Cooler. It's an innovative product that has been gaining popularity as it offers users an alternative solution to traditional portable air conditioners.


The Defy 7030 Air Cooler is different because it doesn't need to get rid of hot air or replace it with cold air. It uses something called "evaporation cooling" instead.


Evaporation cooling works by using water or ice to cool down the room faster than other kinds of cooling methods do. With evaporation cooling, there is no need for any vents or exhaust pipes; as the unit simply pushes the warm air within your room over ice or cold water to cool the space. Granted, it’s not as powerful as the traditional AC system, but it’s still a great option when you need to cool a small space.


Should I choose a portable or wall-mounted air conditioner?


That’s a great question, and there are some things to consider.


First, much depends on where you live. You'll have more options if you live in a house rather than an apartment as many apartment buildings don't allow window units, only wall-mounted ones. And of course, when installing an AC in a building that’s not your own, it can get tricky.


In terms of cost, portable ACs tend to be less expensive than wall-mounted models because they require fewer parts and maintenance work. (Not to mention that they're generally easier to install.) However, if space is an issue or if moving the unit around isn't as easy as it sounds (e.g., trying to move something heavy through narrow passageways), then consider getting a wall-mounted AC instead so that installation can be done by professionals.


You’ll also need to factor in the size of the space you need to cool. As mentioned above, if your room is too large for the AC capacity, then you’ll just be wasting electricity without reaping the benefits.


Stay Cool!


Overall, the answer to whether or not portable air conditioners work is yes. If you have a small apartment or home office and you want to cool it down during the summer months, then these units are an excellent choice. They’re portable and easy to install so you can move them around as needed. You’ll just need to ensure that you’re buying the right sized units for your needs.


Additionally, they’re an investment you can take with you as and when you move house, or something you can lend to your friends and family members when it’s not in use.


If you’ve got questions about choosing between portable air conditioners or wall-mounted options, please feel free to contact our friendly team.