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A recipe for a happy Saturday.

The heart of the home is the kitchen. When it comes to stoves, Defy has distinguished itself as the pre-eminent supplier in South Africa.

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Gentle does it

Dishwashers that are tough on dirt yet gentle on glassware. Glasshield technology gives your glassware everlasting shine and increases its lifespan by 20 times.

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No more washday blues

Washing machines that take the chore out of washing. You can rest assured that you will enjoy consistently clean clothes for years to come.

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Cool in many ways.

Exquisitely styled with technological sophistication, our advanced and enviromentally savvy refrigerators offer the widest range of product options on the market.

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Our Innovation

Enjoy world-class technologies with Defy. Rated as one of the most energy efficient and sustainable domestic appliance brands in South Africa.

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