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4 Smart Reasons to Choose a Defy Dryer
4 Smart Reasons to Choose a Defy Dryer

1m read

4 Smart Reasons to Choose a Defy Dryer
4 Smart Reasons to Choose a Defy Dryer1

If you’re looking to buy a new tumble dryer, it’s worth considering a Defy dryer before buying any other brand.


Why? Great question!


Defy’s combination of innovative design and high-quality materials ensures that you’re going to be getting a top-class product which will age gracefully and serve you well into the future. Aside from this, Defy’s extensive experience in consistently crafting beautiful, robust appliances means that you’ve got a dependable workhorse that’s easy to maintain.


There is more to consider, though. We’ve unpacked four features of Defy dryers that are sure to impress. Let’s find out more.




While we’re in the process of exiting one of the roughest years in recent history, hygiene and sanitising are still very much front of mind. The Hygeine+ feature is just one of the reasons why Defy dryers are a popular choice amongst health-focused people.


Laundry items such as underwear, towels, baby clothes and linen may benefit can carry pathogens even after a good wash.


In fact, an article from Time expounds on this theory and points out that a single gram of fecal matter on the clothing of a sick person contains millions of viruses. It takes just a hundred of these to infect another person. Therefore, if you’re washing the sick person’s clothing, linen or towels with the rest of the laundry, then you’re swishing these germs around in a big way.


Germ researcher and Associate Professor of environmental health and the University of Arizona, Kelly Reynolds, says, “It’s the dryer—not the washing machine—that lays waste to harmful microorganisms. High heat drying for at least 28 minutes is the most effective way to kill viruses.”


Therefore, if you’re looking for a family-sized dryer with germ-killing functionality, then you’re going to love the Defy 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer with 16 programmes, one of which is Hygiene+. Take a look at this video below to find out more. 

EcoGentle Technology


The high heat and continuous movement of tumble dryers can be hard on your clothing. But when you live in an apartment and don’t have the space to air dry your laundry, or on those drizzly days when you have nothing to wear, you simply must take the plunge and pop your favourite clothes in the dryer - hoping for the best.


If you’re in the Defy tribe, then this sounds like a “them” problem. The EcoGentle technology in a Defy dryer offers the benefit of temperature-controlled, gentle drying - even on the most delicate fabrics. One of the secrets lies within the smooth design of the drum, which allows the fabrics to tumble and slide around the drum as they dry without catching or hooking. Your clothing comes out fresh, dry, and wrinkle-free.




Appliances that use heat to function, such as ovens, dishwashers, and of course, tumble dryers, are notoriously heavy on electricity. We poor South Africans have enough to deal with (ahem, loadshedding!) without adding a few zeros to our energy bill each month.


The Defy brand has always had a keen eye on energy-efficient appliances and has managed to alleviate some of the burden by offering A+ dryers. Yes, it’s a real thing! That means that your (excellent) choice of dryer - such as the 8kg Heat Pump Dryer mentioned above, is 30% cheaper to run than a B-rated dryer.


Choose A Trusted Brand


It’s been proven true time and again that buying the cheapest appliances on the market will likely prove a false economy. A few hundred Rands in savings here and there will rear their ugly heads in a surprisingly short period of time, costing you in maintenance and repairs, and of course, electricity!


All Defy factories have been accredited in terms of ISO 9001-2009, and the brand remains the largest manufacturer and distributor in South Africa. While we would never encourage people to follow the crowd, in this instance, they’ve got it right.


We encourage you to take some time to scroll through the Defy range of dryers or visit one of our suppliers to chat with their professional staff. We know that we have what you need.