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5 Fab Features of the Defy Eco Dishwashers
5 Fab Features of the Defy Eco Dishwashers

1m read

5 Fab Features of the Defy Eco Dishwashers1

5 Fab Features of the Defy Eco Dishwashers


So, you visited friends on the weekend and watched with a raised eyebrow as the hostess loaded up her fancy new Defy Eco Dishwasher. You told yourself her Eskom bill must be through the roof and bid her goodnight.


On the drive home, your mind fills with numbers, adding up all you’re saving by doing your dishes by hand. You smugly pat yourself on the back for your frugality. (Does anyone still use that word? It means to be sparing or economical as regards money or food - that’s you, right?)

‘Darn though’, said your inner voice. You can’t help admitting how good that Defy would look in your kitchen! Think of all the time and lower-back pain it would save you. You quickly Google the advantages of dishwashing by hand to restore your rapidly reversing frugal status.


We’ll save you the search, here’s what you’ll find.


Why a Defy Eco Dishwasher is Better Than Hand Washing


For the sake of your inner voice, let’s clear up the hand washing vs dishwasher debacle for you.


Kitchen Infinity, in the article; ‘Dishwasher vs Handwashing’ explains it perfectly:

The advantages a dishwasher has when compared to handwashing are that it's more water-efficient, energy-efficient, hygienic, and convenient to use…’

Here’s a list. If your inner voice isn’t convinced, print the list and put it up on the fridge to read every day!

●      More convenient - no argument.

●      More water-efficient - see stats below.

●      More energy-efficient - see stats below.

●      Greener for the environment - high-five yourself for doing your part.

●      Saves time, money - and your back, the pain pills, and the chiro visits.

●      More hygienic - because you can’t handwash at the temperature needed to kill bacteria.


To be clear, studies show that hand washers tend to use way more water than they care to admit. The stats are; twice the amount of electricity (used to heat the water) and six times the amount of water to wash and rinse to some sort


of cleanliness standard. Let’s spell that out.


How Much Water Does a Dishwasher Use?


Energy star-certified dishwashers use some 15 litres of water per load. Handwashing will use anywhere between 25 - 50 litres for the same load, meaning that dishwasher is more efficient and economical than handwashing.


How Much Electricity Does a Dishwasher Use?


The average Energy Star-certified dishwasher uses between 0.87 kWh and 1.5 kWh per cycle.


Handwashing requires double that, just heating the water for loads that wash only half what you can fit in the dishwasher.


End of debate.  Don't be denying yourself an awesome Defy imagining you’re saving costs!


Your Fab Four Defy Echo Dishwashers to Choose From


Permission to start fantasizing about your new dishwasher - here goes:


1. Featuring: ‘The Self-cleaning Filter’


This stunning Defy 13 A+ Inox Dishwasher is an easy-to-load, quiet dishwasher with 5 high-end washing functions, each offering something unique and different for varied washing conditions for those who understand the ‘one-setting-fits-all’ is a dishwashing fallacy.


A nifty mini-program washes at only 35 degrees and is useful for light cleaning of pre-washed dishes and dishes that have been scraped down. This model has a self-cleaning filter and you know how that reduces maintenance, which you know ought to be done but never do - yeah, we get it!

2. Featuring: The ‘T Classy Eco 50’


For a classy approach to washing your dishes, this Defy 13  A+ Metallic Dishwasher hits the spot without breaking the bank. The 5-wash programs allow you to choose which intensity you want for your dishes.


The ‘T Classy Eco 50’ is the most economical washing function for reducing water and energy consumption. A wash with the Intensive 70 is great for pots and pans and those hard-to-clean dishes. Whatever option you choose, you can be assured of a silent, efficient wash with this Defy energy-efficient



3. Featuring: ‘The Intensive Zone’


The Defy 14 A++ Inox Dishwasher is an affordable dishwasher for any household, with a few key differences from the competition. Thanks to a 180° rotating arm and 360° rotating head that supply water pressure to an ‘Intensive Zone’. With the higher water pressure and lower basket, it’s able to achieve up to 5 times better cleaning performance.


Don’t worry about pre-rinsing on this baby either, just pop your dirty dishes in the special ‘Intensive Zone’, and you're good to go. 8 high-end washing functions and an Active Fan Drying system deliver exceptional drying results. This model has a self-cleaning filter.


4. Featuring: ‘No More Going in Circles’


Most dishwashers clean in a circular motion and that’s still okay. But Defy’s latest innovation is the rectangular motion of the new Defy CornerWash™ Dishwasher. That makes this beauty the most efficient and total hygienic cleaning system available.


Its unbeatable elliptical three-spray arm and specially designed nozzles at the bottom of the machine spin at different angles to allow water and detergent to reach every corner.


With CornerWash™ Technology, you'll never need to soak or pre-scrub your dishes again, saving you time and reducing your water consumption too.


5. Featuring: How Defy Defies the Odds


We need to point out our ethos regarding excellence, in case you missed the part about innovation and the ‘most efficient and total hygienic cleaning system available’ shout-outs in the descriptions.


Defy has been South Africa's number one appliance brand since 1905, and still offers exceptionally built products and the plus of fantastic shopping convenience. We are serious about making your life easier, about saving you time and money. We are happy and proud to consistently encourage energy efficiency.


So, while having all the convenience of a Defy appliance (or two or three), we are proud of you for being aware of reducing our carbon footprint on our only home - planet Earth.


A Final Word on Smart Use of Your Defy Eco Dishwasher


Having said all of the above, anyone can blow the economics on dishwasher statistics with bad practice, so here are some final tips to seal your frugal status once and for all.

  1. Scrape off whatever comes off easily from your plates and pots
  2. Only run your Defy Eco Dishwasher when fully loaded
  3. Use Ecover, Ecoleaf, or Ecozone dishwashing tablets
  4. Only use high temperatures when necessary


The best news of all is that all Defy dishwashers carry a 3-year warranty, which is one of the better warranties in the industry. ‘Be still inner voice, you know nothing,’ we hear you say as you arrange delivery of your Defy Eco Dishwasher!


Visit the Defy website and make your choice from the range of eco dishwashers. Our friendly staff are standing by at your service if you require further assistance.