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5 Tips for Front Loader Washing Machine Maintenance
5 Tips for Front Loader Washing Machine Maintenance

1m read

5 Tips for Front Loader Washing Machine Maintenance
5 Tips for Front Loader Washing Machine Maintenance1

With enhanced functionality, energy-efficiency and improved design, modern front loader washing machines are in big demand. But with any high-quality machine, ongoing maintenance will ensure you’re getting the most out of your product every day.


Why Do Washing Machines Need Maintenance?


No matter the size of your household, it’s likely that you’re going to use your front loader washing machine regularly, whether it’s twice a day or once every two days, this is a valuable household appliance. Basically, a few routine maintenance procedures will ensure uninterrupted washing, without the risk of

breakdowns or replacement parts needed too soon.


Maintenance Tips for Front Loader Washing Machines


The bottom line is that you need to keep the washing machine clean and check the parts on a regular basis, but here is a more detailed list of how to do this.


1. Clean the Door Seal


Unlike with top loader washing machines which don’t need to retain water out the door, the front loader has a well-designed door seal that prevents any leakages. It’s a non-moving machine part but is absolutely critical to the operation of the washing machine. Sitting on a horizontal axis, the drum rotates, lifting and dropping clothes for maximum cleaning, while the door seal prevents water and suds from getting out.


To keep this functioning optimally, use a cloth to carefully clean the seal, removing any build-up or residue. Some machine manufacturers allow the use of a chlorinated item like bleach, while others do not, so be sure to check the manufacturer suggestions ahead of cleaning.


2. Cleaning Cycle


The airtight seal, which creates the ultimate washing environment, is also the ideal environment for the build-up of mould and resultant odours. There is usually some form of maintenance or ‘clean washer’ cycle that can be run on a monthly basis – or after 30 washes – to keep the interior clean. You can also wipe down with a cloth and some form of detergent (or bleach) if allowed, alternatively two cups of white vinegar will also do the trick. It’s also best to leave the front loader door open when not in use.


3. Clean Detergent Build-Up


While cleaning a machine that cleans seems counter-intuitive, it’s important for the proper functioning of your front loader washing machine. Whether you use liquid or powder detergents, your washing machine will suffer from residue build-up after a few washes. If this is not properly cleaned out, you will get mould and mildew growing in the drawer, which will impact the operational efficiency of the front loader. Clean out the detergent dispenser if you notice any build-up (often the entire dispenser can be safely removed for an easy clean) and make sure you use the suggested amount of detergent with every wash.


4. Check the Hoses


Both the water inlet tube and draining tube of your front loader washing machine will need to be checked, periodically, to ensure there is no build-up of minerals. You can clean these hoses on a monthly basis by pouring white vinegar in the dispenser and running on a hot wash. Make sure to check the hoses for any cracks or bulges, as these might need to be replaced for effective cleaning.


5. Manage Wear and Tear


Besides the internal cleaning, you’ll want to maintain the product’s exterior as well, giving it a wipe down every so often, and cleaning away dust and detergent. Remember to check the manufacturer’s suggestions, particularly if your washing machine is aluminium or stainless steel – a hard brush will not be allowed. Be sure to also check the buttons on the control panel, preventing them from becoming sticky and non-operational. All appliance parts will suffer from eventual wear and tear and it’s best to catch this early before it develops into a real problem.


Interesting Features of a Front Loader Washing Machine


Although regular maintenance is needed, it’s important to remember that when you’re investing in a front loader washing machine, you’re investing in a really durable product. In addition to this, the modern front loaders have a number of innovative features that make them such an incredible buy. Among these are:




The modern devices are able to wash a large amount on a low temperature, making the detergent do the hard work, thereby saving on electricity costs.


Water Savings


Because front loader washing machines don’t need to fill the tub with water, they cut down water use by up to 40% when compared with top loader machines. This means huge savings and even further environmental contributions.


Delicate Fabric Care


Gone are the days of having to hand wash your delicate clothes, modern front loaders have specific features for delicate washes to prevent any damage.




Most front loaders have a special ‘quick wash’ feature that lets you clean a load in half the time, saving time and energy.


Compact and Stylish


Modern front loaders are not only smaller in size, but they’re also able to slot neatly and discreetly under any kitchen countertop. And with the incredibly stylish new designs, you’ll don’t need to hide it away in a backroom scullery anymore!


Defy Front Loader Washing Machine’s Special Features


In addition to the traditional features, Defy’s range of front loader washing machines have a number of unique features that set them apart. These include:

  1. The top-tier A+++ energy rating which means huge cost-savings and efficiency.
  2. Aquafusion technology for a highly concentrated wash, making your detergent work harder for you.
  3. Woolmark technology that cares for your expensive wool items, wash after wash.
  4. SteamCure™ technology which works to lift dirt for better cleaning and softens creases for easy ironing. It also assists in keeping clothes clean and sanitized while being kind on your fabric.
  5. 15 machine wash programmes and 4 auxiliary functions.
  6. A 3-year guarantee on every machine.


For a reliable front loader washing machine that requires minimal ongoing maintenance, invest in Defy – a leading southern African household appliance brand that makes life simpler!