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Buyer’s Guide to Family Fridges in South Africa
Buyer’s Guide to Family Fridges in South Africa

1m read

Buyer’s Guide to Family Fridges in South Africa
Buyers Guide to Family Fridges in South Africa1.jpg

Hunting and gathering sure isn’t what it used to be.


Today’s gathering is so convenient: all you need to do is put things in your shopping cart. And tracking down a good deal is the only hunting you need to worry about.


If you’re on the hunt for fridges in SA, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at the five basic fridge freezer options available. You’ll also get an overview of four key things to consider before deciding on the type of fridge you should get.


The 5 Best Refrigerator Types and Fridge Sizes


The hunt begins! Let’s start with the different types of fridges sold in South Africa that you can choose from.


The following is a comparison of five popular types of refrigerators, including

our favourite model for each.


1. Side-By-Side Fridges


These types of refrigerators are extremely popular when it comes to storage and family convenience. Side-by-side fridge doors take up less space when you open them. Additionally, they offer great storage inside the doors themselves.


One of the side-by-side fridges that we love is the Defy NatureLight Fridge.

Here’s a quick overview of the DFF463 model:

●      Capacity: 614 litres

●      Energy Rating: A+

●      Key Feature: NatureLight Technology

●      Dimensions: 1785mm x 1000mm x 700mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Stainless Steel


The Defy DFF463 Side-by-Side Fridge is ideal for bulk storage and freezing. It also comes with a handy water dispenser. Its generous capacity is perfect for a busy household.


Its features include NatureLight technology which preserves the nutritional value of your fresh foods. This helps food last longer so that less will go to waste. And, since your fruits and vegetables retain more vitamins, your family gets better quality food too.

2. Top-Mounted Freezer


Do you need a reliable, inexpensive refrigerator? A small, freestanding fridge with a freezer compartment at the top is a simple classic and a great economy option.


The Defy Eco Fridge-Freezer is an attractive yet affordable single-door fridge that includes adjustable shelves and open freezer space.

Here are a few specifications:

●      Capacity: 157 litres

●      Energy Rating: A

●      Key Feature: Antibacterial Door Seal

●      Dimensions: 1450mm x 500mm x 525mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Satin Metallic


Top-mounted freezers are the oldest type of freestanding home refrigerator. Since these models have been around the longest, they are often the most reliable.


While they don’t necessarily have all the fancy, innovative features, they take up little room, are compact, work really well and are durable too. So, if you live in a small apartment or if you need a second fridge, don’t overlook the good old freezer-on-top!


3. Bottom-Mounted Freezer


If you’re looking for something spacious and functional, the Defy DAC700 might be just the thing for you; it’s a bestseller for a good reason. Single door fridge freezers take up far less floor space than the double door options, but, with a bottom-mounted freezer, you still get plenty of storage volume.

●      Capacity: 426 litres

●      Energy Rating: A+

●      Key Feature: Dual Cooling Technology

●      Dimensions: 1890mm x 700mm x 680mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Satin Metallic


The DAC700 is a fridge with a water dispenser and an odour filter, two extras that are always nice to have. This is one of the best fridges today considering you get a variety of features along with an inexpensive price tag.


4. French Door Fridge


French door fridges, such as the Defy DFF440 definitely make more of a statement. It might even be tempting to hit add to cart on this fridge right away! It has a gorgeous dark finish with a clear white door display.


Let’s not get carried away by how pretty it looks though. Here are the practical details:

●      Capacity: 492 litres

●      Energy Rating: A+

●      Key Feature: Fresh+ Humidity Drawer

●      Dimensions: 1450mm x 500mm x 525mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Onyx Brushed Metallic


The DFF440 is thoughtfully designed to include perfectly placed LED lighting as well as a water dispenser. The Fresh+ Humidity Drawer is engineered to eliminate excess moisture from the compartment. It even has a useful child lock.


The freezer section has roomy drawers along with an internal divider to separate smaller freezables. The double fridge doors are better for cooling because you don’t have to open the entire fridge every time you need something. If you have a large dish to store, opening up both doors makes life much easier, providing more space when you need it.


5. Larder Fridge and Separate Freezer


If you do large-scale shopping, you might want to consider separate fridge and freezer units. The Defy DFD448 Larder Fridge is a smart option, offering maximum storage space for a big family. It also has a very effective odour control feature. Additionally, when you’ve unpacked your first load of groceries, a fast-cooling system kicks in to maintain ideal refrigeration temperatures.

●      Capacity: 375 litres

●      Energy Rating: A+

●      Key Feature: Fast Cool Feature

●      Dimensions: 1850mm x 595mm x 655mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Stainless Steel


How do you pair a freezer with a fridge-only unit? The Defy DUF282 Frost-Free Freezer goes beautifully with the DFD448 Larder Fridge.

●      Capacity: 277 litres

●      Energy Rating: A+

●      Key Feature: Quick Freeze, Eco Mode and Child Lock

●      Dimensions: 1850mm x 600mm x 650mm (Height x Width x Depth)

●      Finish: Stainless Steel


The 277-litre freezer capacity combined with the 375 litres of the fridge gives you a total of 652 litres for all your food storage. This is perfect for keeping a family of five well-fed.


Now, before you start adding your favourite fridge models to your wishlist, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.


Information Gathering


It’s always a wise idea to compare products. Below are four factors to take into account before you buy a family fridge. 


1. Kitchen Space


Different types of fridge freezers take up different amounts of floor space. Measure the space you have to make sure your new fridge will fit with enough room for ventilation. Also, take a few minutes to consider your kitchen layout and the look you want.


Think about how much traffic happens in the fridge area. Work out which direction the fridge doors should open in. You don’t want to end up getting a fridge with these huge doors that open the wrong way or block the routine flow of your family. That’s just a recipe for disaster!


2. Capacity And Fridge Size


Size is critical here, so carefully consider how much capacity your family needs. Many families choose larger fridges to accommodate bulk buying and batch cooking.


How big is too big? If you’re not sure about what size you should be looking at, here are some general numbers to guide you:

●      400 litres is enough for a couple

●      500 litres suits a family of four

●      700 litres should work if you have a family of five or more


The figures above are approximate. You’ll know what suits your family’s lifestyle the most. For example, if you’re a corporate-working couple that spends a lot of time away from home you might do just fine with a smaller capacity fridge of around 175 litres rather than the suggested 400 litres. If you can, look at the capacity of your current fridge and work from there.


3. Energy Efficiency


Besides doing your bit for the environment, energy efficiency benefits your budget too. Always think about running costs when considering what type of fridge you should buy. While it’s handy to have a little extra space, getting a fridge that’s bigger than necessary isn’t very economical.


It pays to compare some of the models you’re interested in to see which has the best energy rating. An energy efficiency label is mandatory for all fridges purchased in South Africa.


4. Innovative Features


As a result of modern technology, our appliances now perform better than ever. You might find it helpful to read product specifications and understand how these innovative features work.


Defy doesn’t disappoint with features such as NatureLight and Dual Cooling technologies. Additionally, improved hygiene control is a great benefit for families with children. And, temperature control is important for a fridge that’s constantly being opened.


Hunting for the Perfect Fridge in South Africa


These days hunting for appliances might be more convenient, but finding the perfect thing isn’t always easy. It’s really important to know what you’re getting and the long-term costs of whatever fridge you buy, whether it’s in-store, or from your online shopping cart.


Like any major life decision, buying a fridge is a challenging task. After all, your fridge is part of your family’s everyday life. It’s a choice you must be prepared to live with for years to come!


Fortunately, no matter what type of fridge you prefer, Defy is always an

excellent choice for refrigerators in South Africa. If you’re looking for good hunting grounds, you should definitely pay us a visit!