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Can Solar Power Air Conditioners
Can Solar Power Air Conditioners

1m read

Can Solar Power Air Conditioners1

Solar power is one of the environment’s finest gifts, being a clean and inexhaustible energy source. Arguably, air conditioning is also right up there when it comes to gifts from technology - especially for those of us who live with Durban humidity or the Free State’s hot, dry weather.


The question then is, can solar power air conditioners?

We’re exploring this topic in detail to discover whether this is a smart move, if it’s viable, and what the benefits are.


Can Solar Power Air Conditioners?


Can solar power air conditioners? Indeed, solar can power pretty much anything.


In fact, solar-powered air conditioners are a great way to reduce energy costs.


If you want to save money on your utility bill and use an environmentally friendly system, then solar is a wonderful addition to your green initiatives at home or the office.


Note: While there are solar-powered air conditioning units available in South Africa, we’re focusing on the use of solar for residential customers who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to Eskom simply to remain comfortable at home.


Going Solar in South Africa


It’s worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all solar solution. Although you can safely bank on a 60 - 80% savings depending on size, location, and the prevailing weather conditions.


Andrew Swain, Professionally Registered Electrical Engineer and Director at Ijika Solar Solutions, says, “It’s unlikely that the average person will go off-grid entirely here in South Africa; we will always rely on Eskom for some of our energy. However, with the right solar solution in place, you can feasibly run your entire home, including a powerful air conditioning system, on solar on a sunny day. This means that you’re only buying Eskom power in the evenings, or, if you have battery backup, then very seldom indeed.”


The trick, then, is to ensure that we’re purchasing the right sized unit for our homes and choosing the most energy-efficient option.


Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners


You’re probably aware that heating and cooling accounts for approximately 47% of the average home’s energy usage. Therefore, we’re sure you’re on the lookout for aircon units that sport that all-important A rating, right? Here are a few options:


18 000 BTU Inverter Midwall Split


This gentle giant is rated A for awesome energy efficiency and can effectively cool spaces between 40 - 100 sqm, depending on the room’s use, windows, entrances, etc. With added features such as jet heat and jet cool, defrost function, hot start and an essential auto-clean function, you’ve got exactly what you need. 


9 000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


For smaller spaces and added convenience, Defy’s portable air conditioning buddy can be plugged in anywhere (provided you can provide a window to vent warm air). This little unit offers a B energy rating, but when plugged into your solar-powered home, you’re unlikely to feel the sting of elevated energy usage.

Getting the Best Out of Your Aircon


The advantages of using solar power to energise your aircon and keep your family cool (or warm!) are undeniable. Clean energy use, a reduced carbon footprint, less load on the national energy grid, and the knowledge that you’ll always be comfortable at home are just some of these.


Obviously, you’d want to choose a brand that you can trust that offers exceptional products at reasonable prices and that we know will last a long time. Welcome to Defy!