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Choosing a Built In Oven for Your New Kitchen
Choosing a Built In Oven for Your New Kitchen

1m read

Choosing a Built In Oven for Your New Kitchen

Now we’re cooking with gas! Or is electric more your style? Choosing a built-in oven is not as straightforward as you may think. Besides the different types of ovens, they all come with such a range of features.


Perhaps you have an idea of what you want. Maybe you even have a couple of models saved to a wishlist. If you need help with deciding which unit you should add to your shopping cart, you’ve come to the right place!


Keep reading to find out how to choose a built-in oven!


Choosing a Built-In Oven


Choosing an oven is no small matter. It has to last a long time, and you’ll likely use it daily. It’s worth knowing your options to make an informed decision. So here we’re going to give you a quick rundown on all things oven-related.


Let’s start with single or double. No, this isn’t a gin order! Though if choosing the oven makes you feel like a drink, we understand. Be patient with us, will you?


Single Oven


A single oven is perfect for small-scale kitchens. Where you’re only feeding one or two people at a time. Then again, a single oven is fine if you’re not really that into cooking.


Single ovens fit comfortably as built-under or built-in options. 


Double Oven


A double oven is pretty much a single oven, but the twin version. It will have two compartments with two doors.


Double ovens are more versatile, with a greater capacity, suitable for family cooking. However, they’re not necessarily double the size of a single oven.


Double ovens work best as built-in ovens.


So, now you might be wondering about built-in versus built-under.


In or Under


An oven that’s built-in means it’s built into the kitchen cupboards at eye level. But, if it’s built under, you’ll have to bend to reach it as it will be fitted underneath a counter or work surface. Both options will blend seamlessly into a fitted kitchen. 


An oven is arguably the most important feature of the kitchen; it defines the functionality of the space. The point of a kitchen is to have a space for food preparation.


Consider what kind of cooking you do and how often your oven will be used. Then make the choice between single or double, built-under or built-in. 


Oven Types


Your oven type will make a difference in the way you cook. Let's have a quick look at the different types.


A convection oven has a fan inside. It might be powered by gas or electricity. Most electric ovens are convection because the fan circulates heat more evenly. Traditional or conventional ovens are heated by elements on the sides, top and/or bottom. They’re considered a bit out of date now and they don’t cook as evenly as convection ovens. They also take a little more time to heat up.


A multifunctional oven has a combination of fan heating with electric elements. This allows you to set the oven function based on the type of meal you’re making.


The settings can be used separately or simultaneously. For example, convection fan only, grill only, or both together - multifunction ovens are a lot more versatile. They let you cook traditional meals and bake in batches.


In gas ovens, the heat is supplied by gas burners. The way you cook will depend on whether the burners are situated at the top or bottom of the oven. However, most built-in ovens available in South Africa are electric. 


Oven Q&A


Now let’s address a few common oven related questions. This information will help you narrow down your choices a bit more. 


A Double Oven or Two Single Ovens?


A single oven will take up less space. So, you can install it easily under a counter or at eye level. But, when it comes to a double oven, you start to sacrifice storage space.


You can usually find bigger capacity double ovens at eye level if that's what you need. Thus, making the double oven a more worthwhile choice. Choose two single ovens if your kitchen will only accommodate a built-under option. Plus, there are a lot more options for single ovens on the market.


What About a Built In Stove and Oven Combo?


Usually, in fitted kitchens, you’ll have a built-in oven and a separately installed hob. The nice thing about a separate hob is that you can choose exactly what you want. Some examples are induction, gas on glass, and electric ceramic.


You can find a wide range of ovens and hobs. However, if you want to take some of the decision making out of the equation, you do get good deals on oven and hob combos too.