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Defy x Jackie Cameron Partnership
Defy x Jackie Cameron Partnership

1m read

Defy x Jackie Cameron Partnership
Defy x Jackie Cameron Partnership1

For 117 years, Defy has been pioneering a brighter future for all South Africans by producing innovative domestic appliances. From the very first, award-winning electric stove in 1932 to South Africa’s first automatic washing machine in 1962, Defy’s dedication to innovation has made the brand a staple in South African homes and beyond.


The established Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine offers an internationally recognised chef course that consistently places all of its student graduates in well-respected restaurants around the country. Jackie Cameron’s achievements is what many chefs dream of accomplishing and combining her love for food with her dream to tutor aspiring chefs, she has created a culinary school that fosters a spirit of continuity. It is her dedication to laying the foundations for a better future, leveraging her skills, knowledge and opening up her home to her students ensures success that is almost a guarantee.


Defy’s patented Thermofan+ Technology is a one of a kind innovation with improved and consistent heat distribution inside the oven. It is these ovens that are found in the Jackie Cameron Patisserie kitchen, ensuring that her young aspiring chefs have all that they need for success.