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Energy Ratings Simplified What Makes an A+++ Fridge
Energy Ratings Simplified What Makes an A+++ Fridge

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Energy Ratings Simplified What Makes an A+++ Fridge1
Energy Ratings Simplified: What Makes an A+++ Fridge

Did you know that there are actual laws governing the sale of refrigerators in South Africa? According to “Fridges and freezers being sold must be labelled with a South African Energy Efficiency Label to help consumers understand the relative energy efficiency of different fridges and freezers.”


It’s nice to know what you’re getting when you shop for major household appliances. So we’ve put together this quick guide on understanding energy ratings. You’ll find out what an A+++ fridge means as well as how to keep your fridge running efficiently. 


Why Do We Need Energy Ratings?


Energy ratings are important to consider when you’re thinking about buying a new appliance. There are three good reasons to be concerned about energy ratings:

  1. The monthly cost of running our appliances in Rands
  2. Environmentally responsible energy use
  3. South Africa’s limited electricity supply


Electricity comes at a cost to the environment, this we know. Yes, we all want to minimise our carbon footprints, but we also want to reduce our household costs. Who wants to be spending an unnecessary amount on utilities? Plus, we all know about the strain on South Africa’s power grid.


Since fridges stay on permanently, their energy usage in your home is significant. An energy-efficient fridge can make a real difference to the overall amount you pay on your electricity account each month.


A+++ Fridge Freezers South Africa


As mentioned, energy efficiency labels are there to help you make a smart purchasing decision. For an appliance that runs constantly - day after day for years to come - you want your choice to be the right one.


The energy efficiency label makes comparing appliances much easier, and the

markings are pretty simple.

●      A+++ is the highest energy rating (full marks)

●      D is the lowest rating (poor energy usage)


South African Energy Efficiency Labels also provide the energy consumption displayed in kWh/year. You can use this figure to calculate how much a particular appliance will cost to run in Rands.


Besides energy ratings, when you set out to buy a new fridge, working out what capacity you need is a good starting point. The bigger the model, the more electricity it will use. Matching size to what your family really needs will guide your choice.


If you’re interested in seeing what energy-efficient options are currently on the market, take a look at Defy fridges.


What Goes Into Your Fridge Freezer?


Do you have a system for stacking your fridge, or do you just jam food in wherever it fits? We’re all guilty of unloading groceries in a hurry, but taking an extra moment or two can make a big difference.


Did you know that how you pack food into your fridge has an impact on how efficiently it runs? A well-organised fridge saves energy because it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. You waste less time rummaging around with the door open letting all that cold air out!


Moreover, fridges need proper air circulation to work properly. While it is important to fill your fridge, you also don’t want it overstocked. When your refrigerator is over-filled, the cold air might not be able to circulate sufficiently to keep everything cool.


Not only is keeping your food organised good for running costs, but it keeps food fresher too. Putting a little thought into stacking your food can prevent cross-contamination and spoilage, thus reducing food waste. 


Crystal Clear - Fridge Organizers



While we’re on the topic of the things you put in your fridge, let’s take a moment to answer a few questions:


Can You Put Hot Food in the Fridge?


No, it’s not a good idea to put hot food in the fridge because it will cause the overall fridge temperature to increase. This isn’t good for your fridge’s thermostat or the rest of the food you’ve stored.


What Temperature Should a Fridge Be?


The best refrigerator temperature is about 2.5°C. If your fridge temperature increases above 4°C your food won’t stay fresh. On the other hand, if your fridge is too cold you might have some of your fresh produce freezing, and you can’t do much with a frozen cucumber.


What about the freezer? You should try and keep your freezer temperature at -17°C or lower. Getting temperatures right is important for making your foods last longer. It also helps you avoid food poisoning.


Where Will You Put Your New Fridge?


When positioning your fridge in your kitchen, it’s always a good idea to leave some room for ventilation. Other ways to help your fridge do its job are by placing it away from the oven and out of direct sunlight.


Energy Efficient Fridges by Defy


So we’ve discussed the importance of proper food storage, location, and temperature in maximizing the energy efficiency of our fridges. Now it’s time to think about all the fancy features.


Here are three product examples of energy-efficient fridges in South Africa. We’ve included the specifications of these Defy fridges as well as a quick explanation of their best features.


1. Family-Sized Single Door Defy Fridge


The DAC840 is a Defy frost free fridge freezer with so many benefits for a big family. It offers impressive durability along with a fantastic energy rating, and it comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor.


Here are the specifications on the DAC840 Eco Fridge/Freezer:

●      A++ Energy Rating

●      Dimensions: 1825 mm x 840 mm x 745 mm (height x width x depth)

●      Net Volume: 552 litres

●      Fridge Volume: 388 litres

●      Freezer Volume: 164 litres

The features of the DAC840 include NatureLight technology, a water dispenser and an on-door display panel.


2. Small Single Door Defy Fridge


While it might not be a frost-free fridge freezer, the DAC449 model provides excellent value for money. Not only is the price tag appealing, but its running costs are low too.


These are the specifications for the DAC449 Eco M Fridge:

●      A+ Energy Rating

●      Dimensions: 1710 mm x 540 mm x 587 mm (height x width x depth)

●      Net Volume: 250 litres

●      Fridge Volume: 164 litres

●      Freezer Volume: 86 litres


With energy efficiency and great features all wrapped up into one conveniently small package, you can’t go wrong. Especially if you’re a single person or a small family. It even comes with a water dispenser which is a nice touch for a fridge freezer of its size!


3. Side-by-Side Defy Fridge


If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, the DFF463 doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get a generous capacity along with a delightful combination of carefully designed features.


Specifications on the DFF463 NatureLight Side-by-Side:

●      A+ Energy Rating

●      Dimensions: 1785 mm x 1000 mm x 700 mm (height x width x depth)

●      Net Volume: 614 litres

●      Fridge Volume: 365 litres

●      Freezer Volume: 249 litres


You can expect wonderful things from this superior frost free fridge/freezer combination. Its features include Dual Cooling technology along with NatureLight and an odour filter. It also has a water dispenser and a handy zero degrees compartment.


South Africa’s Number One Appliance Brand


There are so many reasons to aim for the highest energy rated fridge you can afford. An A+++ fridge might cost a little more upfront, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. So aim high!


Defy masterfully creates the perfect combination of energy efficiency, functionality and attractive design.


You've come to the right place if you’re looking for an A+++ fridge freezer in South Africa. Speak to the Defy team today!