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Features and Benefits of Defy Solar Fridge
Features and Benefits of Defy Solar Fridge

1m read

Features and Benefits of Defy Solar Fridge
Features and Benefits of Defy Solar Fridge1

Solar has become an everyday conversation topic, and you are probably, if not well versed, at least familiar with terms like solar panels and solar power. But how about solar fridges?


With electricity prices on the rise, you may be wondering which of your power-hungry appliances you can get rid of or upgrade to eco-friendly options? As one of the highest power-pullers, you may be wondering Is there such a thing as a solar fridge?


The smart technology of the Defy solar fridge may be the answer to many electricity woes. But what do you need to know before you rush out and buy one? Keep reading as we look at the ins and out of these nifty, energy-efficient units.


Energy-Efficient Appliances


Appliances and gadgets have become ingrained in the day to day of life. So you can't help but feel slightly betrayed when you find out they are the main source of that horrifying number on the bottom of your monthly electricity bill!


That's why when words like “solar fridges” and “eco-settings” get thrown around, everyone gets excited. What's not to love about having an appliance that makes your life easier while saving you money (and saving the planet)?


Defy has answered all your wishes with their Solar Hybrid range. And the best part? This wonderful range is serious about its job.


Besides offering you enhanced energy-saving, you also have access to a 254lt chest freezer or a 157lt top-mounted freezer fridge. Far from just a Mickey


Mouse bar fridge that can only just keep the milk from going sour!


How Does a Solar Fridge Work?


The idea that Defy had when they were working on this range is to offer you versatility and affordability coupled with the essential bonus of renewable energy. So how does a solar fridge work, and is there anything specific you need to know?


If you don't know much about how solar works, let's take a quick look at what you need. It won't make you an expert installer but it will prevent a glazed look on your face when people start talking solar.


To get solar power to your home, you require four main elements:

●      Solar panels which convert sunlight to power

●      Batteries to store the power

●      A charge controller to ensure that the batteries are fully charged at all times

●      An inverter to convert the current from the battery into an alternating current that can run appliances


This setup means that when you have sunlight you have solar energy. On overcast days or during the night, you will continue to run on power stored in your batteries.


Because the Defy models are a hybrid range, they connect directly to solar power and the grid at the same time. During the day they will work primarily off solar power and can run off-grid even without the sun. Some features this gem comes with are:

●      3 solar panels

●      A+ energy rating

●      Auto defrost


While you do have to have electricity to get a unit up and running, no batteries or inverters are needed. Which is a huge saving on the initial set-up, as these are the pricey part of the whole solar power set-up.


Another important thing to note is that your home does not need to be solar powered to run the hybrid range, and they come with their panels so your only

investment at this point is your fridge or freezer.


The reason for this is these clever inventions run off a hybrid inverter compressor, which doesn't need to be plugged into an existing solar grid. The panels that come with your fridge or freezer are the only thing that you need.


Energy Saving


The solar panels that come with your new favourite appliance give out 18 volts of power each, giving you a total of 54 volts between them. Since these fridges only require a minimum of 45 volts, and a max of 65 volts you will have plenty of incoming solar to run the unit.


On the energy savings side, compared to the traditional appliances, you can expect up to 44% less energy consumption in the fridge, and up to 38% less in the freezer.


Minus those numbers from your average bill - yes why are you still standing here?


Are Solar Fridges Good?


The next question on your mind is going to be is it worth the investment? After all, if it is energy efficient it must be expensive right? Not quite.


The price of the Defy range is much of a muchness compared to its traditional counterparts. And because no need for a solar set-up like we mentioned, it is not the huge investment you thought it was going to be. They are also available at all your local quality retail outlets, so no need to globe-trot to get your hands on one.


In many ways, solar fridges are better all around. For the environment, for your convenience and for your pocket. They are also the latest in technology and more advanced than traditional fridges. Defy offers, for example, Endura-Chill technology which gives you up to 40 hours of cold in the freezer and 21 hours on the fridge without electricity or sun.


The Set-up


So you are on board with these awesome appliances. What now? Suddenly you may be panicking about the set-up and wondering how you connect your solar fridge. After all, surely if it is a solar hybrid it will require a complicated setup?


Turns out this is the easiest part of the whole process. The set-up is as simple as asking Defy to send a recommended technician to you, and they will do the installation. It's that simple, and why fiddle if you don't have to?


Defy Solar Fridge


Now that you are armed with the knowledge that the Defy Solar fridge or freezer is the simplest, most economical appliance around, you have the opportunity to save money and the environment while having the latest in cooling technology. What's not to love about this deal?


You can contact Defy directly or pop into your nearest retailer to purchase your fridge or freezer. To speak to Defy about an installer to assist you, call 086 100 3339.