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Finding the Perfect Appliance to Fit Your Small Kitchen Space
Finding the Perfect Appliance to Fit Your Small Kitchen Space

1m read

Finding the Perfect Appliance to Fit Your Small Kitchen Space

The mantra of ‘bigger is better’ might’ve been true in years gone by, but technological developments have seen a shift in this reality. Where kitchens had to be designed to accommodate large, bulky appliances, we are seeing slimmer models and compact appliances that fit smaller, more modern kitchen designs.


The key feature of a small kitchen appliance is that it should be able to perform a significant amount of the required kitchen functionalities, just on a smaller scale. Many of these also have combination features, which allows for multiple capabilities using minimal space. Here are some really reliable small kitchen appliances that make for user-friendly space.


1. Freestanding stoves


It is quite difficult to do any cooking without some form of oven or stove combination, which is why the freestanding stoves, now available in a much slimmer model, are the perfect fit for smaller kitchens. These come in a three-plate and four-plate stove option, with a compact oven which can prepare almost any meal.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy 500 Series Compact Electric Stove has an A energy rating for reduced electricity consumption; static grill for the grilling of steaks, sausages, bacon or fish; as well as an easy-clean enamel oven.


2. Countertop mini-ovens


If the slimline freestanding stove/oven is still too large, then there is an even smaller kitchen appliance that can prepare a wide range of meals despite the size. The countertop mini-oven and hotplate will need surface space, but the really compact design means it will fit into a small kitchen with minimal protrusion.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy 30 L Mini Oven Hot Plate has a grill, bake and toast function which comes with a bake tray, wire rack and tray handle for easy cooking.


3. Convection microwave


The modern microwave is an all-in-one, easy cooking device that also makes for an incredibly compact small kitchen appliance. The convection microwave is a great combination cooking device that can be used as a microwave, convection oven or grill with the option of combining any two modes to speed up cooking time. Another benefit of the convection oven is that it uses less electricity than a regular oven, saving on costs as well.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy 30l Electronic Microwave Oven allows for combination cooking which means traditional oven results in less time. This microwave oven has metal and glass trays to cook a range of delicious meals.


6. Combi fridge/freezer


Fridges and freezers come in a range of sizes and styles these days, from the vast four-door fridges and expansive chest freezers to the mini fridge/freezer varieties. For kitchens limited in size where users do require sufficient refrigeration space, then the combination fridge/freezer is the best option. It can come with the freezer space either on top or below, and there is ample space for storage despite the compact nature.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy 54cm Combi Fridge/Freezer is an energy-efficient model that saves on costs and space.


7. Bar fridge


If a standing fridge or even the fridge/freezer combination is too large, then another small kitchen appliance used for keeping goods cool and fresh is the bar or mini fridge. These generally come with a small freezer space as well and can store essential items.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy Bar Fridge is energy-efficient, has an auto-defrost function with the anti-bacterial door seal. Users can adapt the interior space using adjustable shelves, and the flush-back design allows for further space saving.


8. Washer/dryer combo


If there is just enough space for a washing machine or a tumble dryer, although ideally you’d like both, then the washer/dryer is the ultimate laundry combination which allows for space and cost savings.


Defy’s solution:


The Defy SteamCure™ Washer Dryer is a stylish-looking design with the most innovative technology that produces soft, clean laundry every time. The programme will automatically adjust the settings to achieve the perfect washing and drying results with each load. The AquaFusion technology also retains the detergent for optimum cleaning.


9. Slimline dishwasher

Once an extravagant kitchen accessory, the modern dishwasher is a necessary feature for the working individual. These useful kitchen appliances are available in a slimline model that fits in the snuggest kitchen space.


Defy’s solution:


For a truly superb dishwasher, the Defy CornerWash™ Dishwasher is the ultimate kitchen appliance, boasting an A++ energy rating, half-load wash options and auto program for ultimate cleanliness. The latest CornerWash™ technology includes a specialized three-arm spray and angled nozzles for a complete clean.


When investing in small kitchen appliances – as with any appliance – it’s worth researching the energy consumption, water consumption (if relevant) as well as the warranty on the product. For space-saving qualities, aspects such as a flush finish, combination models, and ventilation are also important factors to consider. There are many modern storage techniques in the modern kitchen design that could allow for further appliance space if required.