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First-Time Diswasher Owner's Guide - Tips and Tricks
First-Time Diswasher Owner's Guide - Tips and Tricks

1m read

First-Time Diswasher Owner's Guide - Tips and Tricks

As we navigate the social distancing parameters of COVID-19 and face the reality that being homebound is likely to be commonplace for a while, it’s worth considering appliances that will ease the burden. The dishwasher is high up on this list, but for the first-time owner, there are some tricks to keep this appliance running smoothly.


What to look out for when buying a dishwasher


●      Size/Capacity – If you’re a couple residing in quite a small space or only need a dishwasher for occasional use, then the compact size dishwasher is a great investment. It generally has a six to eight place-setting capacity. For a family, then the standard dishwasher is the right choice as it has a number of place settings and, while bigger, is still well-sized for a family kitchen.

●      Type – The majority of dishwasher purchases are the portable models but you can also get built-in, drawer or countertop dishwashers to suit your particular kitchen style. The countertop dishwashers are quite economical and suited to smaller homes with one or two residents.

●      Energy consumption – The cost of electricity, constrained national grid and rising global temperatures meant that sustainable dishwashers are high priority. Alongside the energy-saving benefits, you will be saving money along the way as well.

●      Dishwashing cycles – The most basic dishwashers will have a select number of dishwasher cycles while the higher-priced appliances will have light wash, regular wash, heavy wash and economy settings such as half-load washes.

●      Dishwasher performance – The range of dishwashers available will also differ in the particular features available. This includes where and how the water is distributed in the cycle, tiered systems, noise-attenuation features, dirt sensors and child-safety locks.

●      Dishwasher racks – While the standard dishwasher has two racks, certain models have three extending loading options, adjustable shelves or racks so as to accommodate different types of loads.


First steps for installing the dishwasher.


1. Read the manual


With any new appliance, you need to take the time to read over the manual and familiarise yourself with the workings of the machine. It’s unlikely you’re going to do this too often, so get to grips with everything that’s needed first-off.


2. Run an empty load


Now that your dishwasher is connected, give it a test run on empty as this will ensure everything is connected properly.


3. Load the machine


Put your first load of dishes in and play a bit of dishwasher Tetris – check what fits best and where. Make sure you keep your manual handy so that you get an idea of the best configuration.


4. Choose your detergent


There are a number of different dishwasher detergents on the market, so give them a try and decide which one suits your machine best. Remember to give the machine a clean every so often, either with a vinegar rinse or a purchased rinse aid.


Why Defy’s CornerWash™ dishwasher stands out.


Defy CornerWash™ dishwasher uses an elliptical three-spray arm and specially-designed nozzles at the bottom of the machine which spins at different angles, allowing water and detergent to reach every corner. On top of this, CornerWash™ cleans in a rectangular motion so that dishes, glasses, trays, baskets – in fact the entire dishwasher - are cleaned to spotless perfection too. No soaking or pre-scrubbing necessary.


Some of the other exciting features of the Defy CornerWash™ dishwasher are:

●      A++ energy for enhanced sustainability.

●      Half-load function for the smaller washes.

●      Auto programme using dirt sensors which automatically determine the dirtiness of the load.


Make your life easier during these challenging times but investing in home appliances that will work efficiently for years to come.