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How to Maximise the Cooling Power of Your Defy Air Conditioner
How to Maximise the Cooling Power of Your Defy Air Conditioner

1m read

How to Maximise the Cooling Power of Your Defy Air Conditioner
How to Maximise the Cooling Power of Your Defy Air Conditioner1

Perhaps you’re a conscious citizen and acutely aware of your carbon footprint.


Maybe you’re more concerned about the eye-watering cost of electricity in South Africa. Regardless of why you want to get the most from your Defy air conditioner, we’re certain you have very valid reasons. And we know that you will reap the benefits of an optimised ac unit.


So, what practical steps can you take to ensure that you’re not burdening your aircon with more work than necessary? How can you make certain that it’s going to be a long-lasting and reliable addition to your family?


Here’s what we know.


Choose the Right Size AC For Your Room


The best way to ensure that you’re maximising the cooling power of your air conditioner is to choose the right size unit for your space. While some simple formulae can assist with this calculation, here are some estimates to get you started.


10 - 15 m² - 9 000 BTU

16 - 20 m² - 12 000 BTU

21 - 30 m² - 18 000 BTU

31 - 40 m² - 24 000 BTU

41 - 50 m² - 30 000 BTU


A unit that is too small for the space will battle to cool the area and likely suffer premature burnout. An ac unit that is too large will cost you more than you need to pay upfront and not work to its full capacity.


Other factors that need to be considered are:

●      How much direct sunlight enters the room

●      How many people are in the room on average

●      The number of windows and doors

●      The height of the ceiling

●      Type of building construction

●      What electrical equipment is in use within the room


When shopping for a Defy air conditioner, it’s a good idea to get advice from the professionals at the store. They will be able to answer any questions you have on size and type before you lay out your hard-earned cash.


Schedule Regular Maintenance


Aircons are hardworking units. They have some pretty sensitive parts and require regular TLC.


While you can - and should - clean out the filter to keep things running smoothly, several checks should be done regularly. A recent article on Healthy Air Conditioners notes several points that need attention:

●      Evaporator coils require frequent cleaning to ensure proper airflow

●      Corrosion on coils can lead to leaks

●      Damp and dirt allow for the growth of mould and mildew

●      Ducts should be kept clean and clear of debris


Chat with your nearest Defy Service Centre to schedule regular maintenance for your aircon.


Help Your AC Out


Whether you’re using your air conditioner to heat or cool your space, there are several ways to help it perform at its best.

●      On hot days, limit the amount of sunlight in the room by closing the curtains or blinds.

●      Keep doors and windows closed to keep the cold air in - or out - whichever is relevant at the time

●      Seal up leaks or openings around windows and doors that may let out the cold air

●      Limit the use of old, energy-hungry incandescent light bulbs, which all add to the heat in the room

●      Where possible, invest in insulation which relieves the burden on your aircon

●      Limit your use of electric dryers that also heat up indoor spaces; rather, hang clothes outdoors to dry naturally

●      Keep the external sections of your air conditioning unit free from bushes or debris, which allows for maximum airflow


Each small change you make to your home and your lifestyle adds up to a more efficient air conditioner.


Use Smart Settings


On those searingly hot days, it can be tempting to enter single digits into the aircon in the hope that it’ll cool our space down faster. Don’t do that. Setting your unit to a stable temperature that will be most comfortable for your family prevents fiddling about with the thermostat when things get too chilly. A sensible range of 20 - 22°C is bound to keep everyone cool and comfortable.


If you’re anticipating some sweaty temperatures in the upcoming days, try to maintain a stable indoor condition by using your timer to regulate the temperature within your home. Again, this avoids the ups and downs and prevents your ac from working too hard.


Buying a Defy Air Conditioner?


It’s comforting to go with a name you can trust, especially when you’re shopping for an important appliance like an air conditioner. You want it to be efficient, quiet, easy to use and last a long time.


Take a look at the Defy Air Conditioning range here for more information on the best option for you.