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Save Your Marriage Get an Undercounter Bar Fridge
Save Your Marriage Get an Undercounter Bar Fridge

1m read

Save Your Marriage, Get an Undercounter Bar Fridge
Save Your Marriage, Get an Undercounter Bar Fridge1

You open the kitchen fridge to cook dinner and six cans roll out onto your feet. Instead of throwing them at your husband (we know you secretly want to!) why don’t you look at investing in an undercounter bar fridge. And by you, we mean your husband - his drinks, his investment!


Under-counter bar fridges in South Africa are a popular choice when it comes to having a second refrigerator in your house. But do you go with an upright bar bottle cooler or a wine cooler? And where do they fit in your house? Are they worth it? Are they expensive to run?


If you are thinking about getting one of these mini-fridges, then this article is for you! Keep reading and we will answer some of your burning questions about bar fridges.


Location Location Location


While your (not so) secret plan may be to get the drink cans out of busy upright fridges in the kitchen, the advantages of undercounter bar fridges are so much more than just a space saver. Cold beverages within easy access all the time, conveniently located - this is one of the key features of any bar counter fridge.


These wonderfully compact appliances come in several different size options to suit all your storage needs - such as this nifty 93l bar fridge.


Where Should I Put My Bar Fridge?


The best place for bar fridges is in bars. Yes, we know that statement seems a bit “duh” but because of their size, you may be tempted to put your drinks fridge just about anywhere in your house.


And yes, you might want to show off your new cooler, but this should be done from its neat, convenient spot under the counter in your home bar. If you add a fancy door option such as glass display doors or double doors, you can make a great feature at your bar. Display fridges are the perfect conversation starter ... and a subtle flex.


By placing your mini-fridge in the bar, you also prevent groups of people from congregating in the kitchen (or any other random space) and the bar is the perfect place for lingering crowds - out of the way and not underfoot!


Can You Put a Bar Fridge in a Cupboard?


You are looking at your cupboard space around your bar area and asking yourself does a bar fridge need ventilation and can I squeeze it in here? The answer to both questions is yes. Yes, it will need ventilation, but it can go into the cupboard if you have enough space!


And if you are short of space but determined to put your cooler there, then cupboards can be modified. Unless of course, your cupboard space is damp and mouldy, then that is a big no!


If your cupboard has enough space allowing at least five inches between the unit and the wall, then you should be good to go - this is if your bar fridge is a freestanding unit. Two inches should be enough if you have a built-in unit.


Bear in mind, it is not recommended to use a cupboard that is directly beside a wall otherwise you will not be able to open the door properly.


It is also suggested that there is an opening in the back of your cupboard to make sure no excess heat is lingering - this may be a danger to both your home and the temperature of your drinks!


What Size Is a Standard Undercounter Bar Fridge?


There is a wide range of bar fridges on the market, some even as small as 1.6 cubic feet! However, the standard size is between 55cm and 120cm wide, and 45cm - 85cm high.


So, there is a fridge out there to fit every bar. You just need to look in the right place!


The Doors


It may seem like a silly thing to look at, but the way your fridge opens will make a big difference. Depending on the space you have, you have the option to go with a model that has a sliding single door, or a double door model. Do you want to be able to see what is in your cooler?  If so then glass doors are the way to go for you.


Remember if you like the way double-door look, you need to have enough space on either side of the fridge to open from both sides.


Added Extras You Should Know


Now that we know a bit more about the perfect location and some installation bits and bobs for your best new buddy, what else do you need to know about bar fridges? How else will you know if bar fridges are worth it?


What Should I Look For in a Bar Fridge?


The right fridge for you is largely dependent on what will be stored in it. While it is tempting to kick the cans to the bar, maybe you are wine drinkers and prefer a bottle cooler option - remember wines cool at different temperatures to beer so it is not ideal to store them in the same fridge.


Whether you are buying the fridge for home use or as catering equipment, there are several things you may need to add to your wish list: an ice crusher or ice machines, stainless steel shelves, whether you need to have a display fridge with a glass door or just an under-counter bar fridge.


Do Bar Fridges Use Much Electricity?


Adding a second refrigeration appliance into your home may seem like a great idea, but how much electricity does a bar fridge use? Turns out these little gems may save you some electricity - especially if your residents are in the habit of staring into the fridge with the door open searching for the meaning of life!


The smaller the fridge, the less cool air can escape each time it is opened. This means less electricity is used to keep it cool.


In addition, you'll know exactly what's in your bar fridge when you open it, so no more searching for the perfect temperature bottle. If you go with a model that has a glass front door, even better!


How Many Bottles Fit In a Bar Fridge?


All the other information up to now is relative. This is the only question that matters, we understand. So how many bottles can you fit into a bar fridge? Is this enough space to keep your drinks?


The general rule of thumb with bar fridge space is that one litre of space can accommodate one can of drink. So essentially a 60-litre fridge can take 60 cans. Soft drinks included. Still with us? Or have you rushed out to buy your bar fridge already?


Undercounter Bar Fridge


Of all the nifty appliances, Defy bar fridges are a worthwhile investment. From savings on the electricity bill to always having a cold beverage when you need it, what’s not to love about your new mini bar fridge?


The final decision is which one is the right one and Defy can help you with this choice so give them a call today and make the commitment that may save your marriage!