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Top 10 Small Home Appliances No Kitchen Should Be Without
Top 10 Small Home Appliances No Kitchen Should Be Without

1m read

Top 10 Small Home Appliances No Kitchen Should Be Without
Top 10 Small Home Appliances No Kitchen Should Be Without1

What if we told you that the acquisition of certain small kitchen appliances will transform your kitchen time from dull to delightful, making your time there the best part of any given day?


Your brain is saying you're dog tired and preparing meals is just more work. We get it, honest. All you need are some awesome kitchen ‘toys’; who doesn’t have fun with toys?


Kitchens are the beating heart of any good home. Beyond the obligatory kettle and toaster, we found 10 kitchen appliances to add to your arsenal so that your kitchen remains everyone’s ‘happy place’.


Just a word before we start. If you’re concerned about having small kitchen appliances cluttering up your workspace, fear not. Today’s interior designers have come up with creative and ingenious ways to manage your selection of essential kitchen appliances.


Go for it!


What are Small Kitchen Appliances?


For clarity, small is the operative word. Our top ten do not include your major fridge-freezer, dishwasher, or washing machine requirements. Those are kitchen appliances we take for granted in South Africa.

To qualify for the top ten small appliances list, the most cumbersome is a microwave oven and the smallest is a digital iron. You get the idea.


What Is the Most Important Home Appliance?


1. The Griller Microwave

Bypass the basic warm-up-the-milk microwave and get this marvel of a machine instead. This is a combination convection microwave besides its grilling feature, so from roast chicken to side veggies, the world is your oyster here. And you save on electricity! Does it get any better?


What Kitchen Appliance Do You Use Every Day?


2. The Coffee Machine

You know it - that unbeatable coffee aroma that fills the house and beckons the family to start the day. We suggest you look at the Defy 1000W Inox Coffee Machine. If coffee is your thing, you may have had this as your No1 - we almost did!


3. The Juice Extractor

Out of respect for health-conscious humans, our No 3 on the essential home appliances list goes to the trusty juice extractor. Juice extraction is a simple and delicious way to ensure you and your family are getting your daily fruit and vegetable requirements.


Release your creative genie and make delightful concoctions that no one can refuse.


The Defy 800W Stainless Steel Juice Extractor is easy to use and easy to clean. Make sure you're in an easy-to-consume juice form.


What Essential Small Kitchen Appliances Do You Need?


4. The Non-Stick Multi-Cooker

We can but recommend the ultimate in gourmet with the Defy 10-in-1 Inox Non-Stick Multi-Cooker 5.5L. Why? It is a one-pot innovation with 10 different automatic programs, temperature, and timing settings for you to customise, optimise, and… cooking-wise, well, it's simply its own ten of the best in the small kitchen appliance category!

●      Stews

●      Poacher

●      Jam-maker

●      Slow-cooker

●      Rice steamer

●      Sauté function

●      Yoghurt-maker

●      Pressure-cooker

●      Tandoori function

●      Multigrain/bean-cooker


5. The Pressure Cooker

Also known as the instant pot and close on the heels of the slow cooker is the pressure cooker. It will singularly save the day when speed is the need.

Once again technology has brought the best of kitchen appliances up a notch, so we have to introduce you to the stellar Defy multifunction pressure cooker!   You’re looking at 8 preset menu options with this kitchen beauty. It is energy-sufficient and cooks without heating up the whole kitchen.


What Specialist Kitchen Appliances Can You Buy?


6. The Air Fryer

About the size of a coffee maker, air frying machines are an international hit. They’re great because they don’t take up a lot of space, and quickly cook food so that it is crispy and fresh rather than damp and steamy.


Go ahead and bring the restaurant taste of simple food like chicken and french fries, directly to your dining table.


7. The Induction Hob Plate

If you love cooking shows, you’ll have seen an induction plate in use for competition cooking. Liquids boil in a fraction of the time because the plate transmits the heat onto the cookware surface, preventing wasted energy and creating a safer cooking environment. Great to teach little ones to love cooking.


For energy efficiency and long-term cost savings, the Defy Induction Hob is leading the way in kitchen appliances. Efficiency meets beauty in its stylish design, crafted from the most sophisticated materials, and another winner in the ‘easy-use, easy-clean’ category.


What Small Kitchen Appliances Do You Need?



8. The Blender Phenomenon

Whatever you do, visit Defy’s perfect range of blenders. The traditional hand mixer is still a worthy kitchen appliance but it now has a few bedfellows; meet the table blender, personal blender, and power blender.


The stick blender, stick blender set and hand blender set complete the happy entourage. You’re going to love all the kitchen blenders, so get those already in a set, where you can.


What Should Be Included in Among Your Key Kitchen Appliances?


9. The Handy-sized Vacuum Cleaner

Talking about what no kitchen should be without, we need to highlight these two high-performance wonders. These two vacuums in our selection are likely to be among your favourite kitchen appliances. For one, they’re compact, and then you can always get the kids to clean up after themselves when they experiment n the kitchen.

 You have option A and option B to consider:

●      The Bagless Vacuum


Vacuums are most often stored in kitchens, so we traded on that to qualify them for a place on the Top Ten kitchen appliances. Bagless vacuums are essential if anyone suffers from allergies and asthma caused by dust particles. The Defy PerformCyclone™ technology provides a high-end energy-efficient suction. Kitchen cleanup follows the cook and you’ll love this neat but powerful Defy appliance for your home!

●      The Rechargeable 2-in-1  Vacuum Cleaner


What makes it the perfect companion in the kitchen is both its size and the ability to mount it on a wall hook for easy access. Dynamite comes in small packages was never more true than for this powerful toy and its 150W motor power and 24W suction power.


  1. The Digital Steam Station

If you are among those who do emergency ironing in the kitchen, this neat steam station deserves a place of honour in your kitchen. With unique technology, the Defy 2600W Digital Steam Station facilitates safe iron from linen to silk.


The top features of this awesome appliance are that it self-cleans, it's simple and it's safe!


You, Your Family, and Home Appliances


Home appliances are among the most loved and most used items in the family. Some of yours may be worn out or just plain outdated. Air fryers have expanded healthy cooking alternatives and will be the new frontier in the decades to come.


Teaching air frying to children is safe, fun, and healthy. Get them making your snacks for your nightly whisky. Thought that would pique your interest!


Now that you’ve seen what’s out there, you may be forgiven for wanting to rush out and kit your kitchen out with all ten appliances. Remember that Defy kitchen appliances are often on special, so keep an eye out for your next purchase.


Hot tip: If that’s not possible, just budget for each item in order of priority for your needs.


Introduce each new home appliance in turn, to your family by demonstrating the benefits. They will love you for it and you will love being in the kitchen - guaranteed.


Contact Defy, by all means. They are market leaders in home and kitchen appliances and will be a great friend in the industry as you build your innovative kitchen acquisitions. You can get their expert product advice here.