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Under Counter Bar Fridges - Sizes Specs and Usage
Under Counter Bar Fridges - Sizes Specs and Usage

1m read

Under Counter Bar Fridges - Sizes, Specs and Usage
Under Counter Bar Fridges - Sizes, Specs and Usage1

When does a mini fridge become a bar fridge? Who needs an under counter bar fridge anyway? What sizes are available? What can you keep in a mini fridge? 


All excellent questions, you’ll agree.


If you’re looking to buy a bar fridge and are exploring the best options, then stay with us. We’re unpacking these little gems to see how they add value to your home or office life.


Bar Fridge vs Mini Fridge


What is the difference between a bar fridge and a mini fridge? Frankly, not too much. Both are used to keep things cold; it’s just the contents that vary.

Bar fridges are more likely to come equipped with shelves and holders for cans and bottles, mini fridges will have compartments for food as well. Therefore, if you have a separate area where you entertain guests and have a regular braai, you’ll probably want something small and convenient to keep the cans cold.


While doing your research, you’ll find that these two terms are interchangeable, and the bottom line is that if you use a mini fridge in a bar, it’s a bar fridge.


However, these appliances are also perfect for small apartment kitchens, offices, granny flats, student accommodation or even caravans. Most of them will have a freezer for ice cubes, frozen veggies and those all-important ready meals.


When you’re shopping for a bar fridge, you may come across variations that could work for you. For example, a wine cooler may better suit you if that is your beverage of choice. Not only do these look great, but they are designed to keep your wine at a constant temperature and minimise movement and light.


A fridge designed specifically for drinks will have those handy racks for cans and bottles so that they don’t roll about. Although, it may not allow space for condiments, snacks or garnishes. Before buying a bar fridge, decide how you’re going to use it and make sure that the interior space is adjustable for your particular requirements.


Sizing and Specs


If you’re interested in aesthetics and you want to ensure that your appliance doesn’t get in the way, then you’ll want to know the sizes of an under counter bar fridge.


The Defy 93l Bar Fridge (available in white or metallic) measures 850 x 475 x 445 mm which allows it to fit comfortably beneath a standard counter which is usually around 900mm. You’ll also find that it will slide back neatly under a 600mm counter - so provided your countertops are of standard sizes, you’re good to go.


With a B energy efficiency rating, these little appliances do their best to keep things cool on a budget. Obviously, to maximise the energy efficiency of your fridge, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, don’t overstock it, and keep it closed as much as you can.


A wonderfully practical feature of the Defy bar fridge is that it comes with a reversible door. So, it doesn’t matter where you want to position it, as you can make it work in any space, opening left or right.


Need a Bigger Bar Fridge?


Perhaps you’re one of those people who entertains more than usual. Maybe you’ve got a holiday home that warmly accepts friends and family for fishing and beach shenanigans. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably looking for a bigger fridge.


You can opt for a regular double-door fridge with a freezer and water dispenser, which will certainly do the trick. Or, if you’re focused on keeping larger bottles, a lot of cans, and some oddly shaped glassware cool and accessible, then perhaps look at a commercial fridge.


The 309l Commercial Cooler is a great choice with wide, deep shelves, a cavernous interior space, and a transparent glass door. Not only will this look great, but it will also save energy as people don’t have to hunt around in the fridge for what they need; it’s all there on display.


Chill With Over or Under Counter Bar Fridges


It’s great to have choices, and we hope that we’ve helped you in your search for the perfect under counter bar fridge. Just remember to measure your space before you buy, and choose a brand that’s going to last you for many braais to come.


Please feel free to explore our range of fridges here.