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What is Defy SteamCure™?
What is Defy SteamCure™?

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What is Defy SteamCure™?
What is Defy SteamCure™?

Are you seeking a healthier, more hygienic way to do your laundry? Consider this: the steam function in washing machines not only enhances cleaning power but also brings significant health benefits. It effectively kills bacteria and allergens, making it particularly beneficial for those allergic to pet hair, dust mites, or pollen. Moreover, steam washing machines disinfect clothes by eliminating harmful germs, ensuring a hygienic clean that goes beyond the surface. This is where Defy’s SteamCure™ technology steps in, offering a smart solution to meet your health-conscious laundry needs.


In this article, we’ll explore what SteamCure™ is, how it works, and the multiple benefits it can bring into your daily laundry routine. From understanding when to use the steam setting to examining whether steam can cause your clothes to shrink, we cover all the aspects to help you make the most of this innovative feature.


What is SteamCure™?


At its core, SteamCure™ is Defy’s advanced steam technology that is applied during the washing cycle. But, what does SteamCure™ mean exactly? It refers to the use of steam at the beginning and end of the wash cycle to improve washing results. The steam generated penetrates deep into the fabrics, making them easier to clean while offering additional benefits such as wrinkle reduction and sanitisation.


How Does the Steam Function Work in a Washing Machine?


Understanding how the steam function works in a washing machine, particularly with SteamCure™, can help you utilise this feature more effectively. 


During the wash cycle, the machine generates steam, which is then injected into the drum. This steam helps to soften the fabrics, making them easier to clean by loosening dirt and grime. At the end of the cycle, another burst of steam helps to smooth out wrinkles, reducing the need for ironing.


More Effective Cleaning

Steam is an excellent agent for deep cleaning. By integrating steam into the wash cycle, the washing machine can better penetrate fabric fibres. This is particularly useful for heavily soiled garments where traditional water and detergent may not suffice. The steam helps dissolve stains more readily, ensuring your clothes come out cleaner and fresher.


Reducing Ironing Time

One of the most appreciated benefits of the steam function is its ability to significantly reduce ironing time. As steam enters the drum at the end of the cycle, it relaxes fabric fibres. This process naturally reduces wrinkles and creases formed during washing, especially when you’ve run a hot wash cycle. As a result, clothes often require little to no ironing post-wash, saving time and making laundry less of a hassle.


Sanitising Function

The sanitising capability of steam is particularly important in households with young children, allergy sufferers, or ill family members. Steam achieves high temperatures that effectively kill bacteria, allergens, and pathogens, providing a hygienic clean that is ideal for bedding, towels, baby clothes, and more. This function ensures that your laundry is not only clean visually but also free from microscopic health hazards.


Removing Odours

The effectiveness of steam in eliminating odours from clothes and upholstery is rooted in its combination of heat and moisture. When a steam cleaner heats water to approximately 95 - 100℃, it generates steam capable of deeply penetrating fabric fibres. This heated steam loosens the fibres, which facilitates the removal of odour-causing bacteria and germs, as well as allergens like those from dust mites.


Furthermore, steam has a unique ability to break down and neutralise odour molecules themselves. This is not merely a masking of smells but a thorough removal. The high temperature of the steam kills bacteria and germs that can cause unpleasant odours, while its moisture helps to dissolve the residues that hold these odours in the fabric. 


Additionally, the physical action of steam cleaning provides a comprehensive disinfecting and deodorising effect. This leaves your fabrics smelling fresh and ensures they are hygienically clean. Thus, steam cleaning is an excellent method for refreshing garments and textiles, effectively removing odours and leaving them clean and pleasant to use.


SteamCure™ FAQ


When Should I Use the Steam Setting on My Washing Machine?

The steam setting is ideal for use on heavily soiled clothes, items that need sanitisation, or when you're looking to reduce allergens and pathogens. It’s particularly useful for households with allergy sufferers. The steam function is also highly effective in killing bacteria, making it a great option for washing bedding and children’s clothing.


Will Steam Wash Shrink Clothes?

A common concern is whether the steam wash will shrink clothes. The good news is that, when used correctly, the steam function does not cause clothing to shrink. Steam is more gentle on fabrics than high-temperature washes, which are often responsible for shrinking clothes.


Do You Put Detergent in a Steam Wash?

Yes, detergent is still required when using the steam setting on your washing machine. The steam complements the detergent's cleaning power, enhancing its effectiveness rather than replacing it.


Is the Steam Function Optional?

Whether the steam function is optional varies by model. In some machines, it can be turned on or off depending on your washing needs.


Does SteamCure™ Affect Energy and Water Usage?

Regarding water and energy consumption, the steam function generally uses more energy but could use less water compared to regular cycles, as the steam needs to be generated and maintained at a high temperature.


While washing machines with steam functions tend to be more expensive than those without, the benefits of reduced ironing time and better cleaning performance can justify the extra cost.


Defy DAW 387 10kg Front Loading Washing Machine


While we’ve touched on the SteamCure™™ feature of these appliances, what else can you expect when you buy a washing machine from Defy?


Consider the DEFY DAW 387 Freestanding Washing Machine. It is a 10kg front-loading washing machine that comes with SteamCure™™ technology and StainExpert™ Programme. This washing machine is designed to make your laundry experience more convenient and efficient.


The SteamCure™™ technology applies steam to the stain before the wash, softening up dirt and making it easier to remove. The StainExpert™ Programme is designed to get rid of 24 different kinds of stains, so you won't have to pre-treat any stain anymore.


The washing machine features a Delayed Start feature, which allows you to control when your laundry cycle starts, even when you're not around. With the Time Delay function, you can set a time delay of either 3, 6, or 9 hours, so you can load your laundry, set the delay, and go about your day without worrying about starting the cycle manually.


The Anticrease+ feature on the washing machine prevents stubborn wrinkles by activating the drum rotation for up to eight hours after the program has ended. This gently moves the clothes, preventing them from settling in one position and effectively reducing creases. 


The washing machine has an energy efficiency class of A+++, making it environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The noise level of washing and spinning is also low, making it perfect for use in any room of the house. It comes with a download cycle feature, which allows you to download additional cycles to customise your washing experience. 


The Hottest Washing Machines Around


SteamCure™ by Defy isn’t just another feature on your washing machine; it’s a testament to how modern technology can enhance everyday tasks. Whether it’s keeping your clothes germ-free, reducing the need to iron, or ensuring your laundry is spotlessly clean, SteamCure™ is designed to meet diverse laundry needs efficiently and effectively.


Explore Defy’s range of SteamCure™ washing machines.