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What Should I Be Looking for in a New Vacuum Cleaner
What Should I Be Looking for in a New Vacuum Cleaner

1m read

What Should I Be Looking for in a New Vacuum Cleaner?

Germs, bacteria and viruses, you may not be able to see them but these microscopic gremlins can be found everywhere, even in your very own bed.


Most of them are harmless, but one percent of them can actually make us really sick, ranging from a sore throat to a serious infection. Keeping that one percent at bay means having something that can actually get rid of them. Is it sweeping? No. Is it mopping? No. You guessed it, it’s vacuuming! This means finding a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful enough to remove all those harmful pathogens while still remaining smart enough to make sure none of it is released back into your home’s air. If you’re going to purchase something to help protect the health of your home, you need it to do a good job.


We’ve compiled the top three features that are a MUST when looking for a new vacuum cleaner.


1: Powerful suction.


This may seem obvious but the key to a good vacuum cleaner lies within its suction power. Too little power will result in little to no dirt being picked up in your carpet fibres, couch crevices and all the nooks and crannies of commonly used surfaces. It’s a good thing that Defy’s rechargeable vacuum cleaner uses 18W Suction Power and 100W Motor Power (5W Brush Motor) to ensure that even the most stubborn germs get sucked up. A vacuum cleaner with low suction power will often only remove the visible film of dust but it doesn’t necessarily remove the more harmful grime lurking underneath. The higher the suction power, the better your chances are of maintaining a safe, germ-free environment.


2: Health-conscious.


A vacuum’s ability to keep microscopic allergens and dust particles out of the air is just as important as its suction power. You want these microorganisms to stay trapped inside its filter rather than being distributed back into the air.


This is why The Defy Orion 3 vacuum uses the HEPA filter to keep those unseen germs locked inside and not in your lungs. This filter is especially helpful to those who suffer with asthma and/or allergies as it has the ability to lift pet hair from furniture with its unique attachments. As a result, your home is left with clean air and you’re left with happy lungs.


3: Durability.


These machines may not seem very glamorous, but they’re the ones to get the job done over the many years of ownership. A good quality vacuum means finding one that has the necessary technology to make things easier but also has the durability to last a long time. Defy’s vacuum cleaners are much more than just a single suction area and a bag – they are built to last with several innovations that help you get a more comprehensive clean. These powerful germ-fighting, dust-busting machines are suitable for all types of surfaces such as hard wood floors, tiles, laminate, carpets… you can even vacuum the curtains if you like! You can vacuum the entire house without having to pick up a single broom.