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What to Look For When Buying a Tumble Dryer
What to Look For When Buying a Tumble Dryer

1m read

What to Look For When Buying a Tumble Dryer

Defy’s intelligent range of Tumble Dryers use highly-efficient drying technologies and energy conscious programmes to give you the best possible drying experience.


While tumble dryers may not be an essential, they’re a serious box of magic when you need fast, warm laundry as soon as possible. Plus, they save you a lot space instead of trying to hang different pieces of clothing around the house.


If you’re looking to purchase a new tumble dryer, the following three points are key when considering which one is best suited for your home. Take a read and you’ll have the fluffiest towels, the softest bedding and one of the lowest electricity bills in no time at all.


Energy saving technology.


Heat pump tumble dryers use a lot less energy than the vented types and they could save you a lot of money in electricity bills. While vented and other condenser dryers release the hot air used to dry clothes, Defy’s Heat Pump Technology combines the technology of an air conditioner and a condenser dryer which then creates an efficient system that dries laundry by condensing water out of garments while using minimum amounts of energy.


Energy saving technology.


Defy’s BabyProtect+ Technology runs a hour-long cycle at a high temperature to ensure maximum hygiene results for your baby’s clothes. The programme also provides a deep sterilisation and kills any dust mites and bacteria that may be attached to your clothes.