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America Fresh Fish en Papillote
America Fresh Fish en Papillote

1m read

America Fresh Fish en Papillote



The fanciness of the phrase “fresh fish en papilotte” disguises just how easy this delicious dish is. This Louisiana dish is a foolproof means of preparing fish - simply white fish and vegetables baked in parchment paper. Jackie Cameron has created an elegant and flavourful version that will deliver you straight to the vibrant streets of New Orleans.



●      400g fillet white fish (whatever is freshest, like Hake or Kingklip - any fish that is Green Listed)

●      1 sheet silicone baking paper

●      1 medium fennel bulb, sliced

●      1tbs chopped fennel leaves

●      2 slices onion

●      3 slices lemon

●      Salt and pepper

●      30 g butter



Place the fillet of fish in the middle of the baking paper. Place the fennel, chopped fennel, onion slices and lemon slices on top of the fish. Season with salt and pepper, then place dollops of butter on top. Fold the baking sheet over the fish, securing the edges by rolling the ends together. Pre-heat the Defy Airfryer to 200˚C. Place the fish ‘pocket’ in the basket of the Defy Airfryer and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from the Defy Airfryer and check to see if it is done.  The thickness of the fish will make a difference to the cooking time. Return to the Defy Airfryer for 5 more minutes, if needed.