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France Simple Vinaigrette
France Simple Vinaigrette

1m read

France Simple Vinaigrette



Today’s recipe was concocted in France centuries ago, and continues to be celebrated the world over. The versatile vinaigrette can be incorporated into a variety of salads, maximising the flavour of fresh veggies and salad leaves. The aspiring chefs of Jackie Cameron’s School of Food and Wine have even included a list of vinaigrette substitutes, for added va-va-voom. 


Yield: about 350ml



●      30ml dijon mustard

●      1 egg yolk

●      2 cloves garlic, crushed

●      130ml olive oil

●      130ml sunflower oil

●      90ml white wine vinegar



Whisk the mustard, egg yolk and garlic cloves in the Defy beaker with the Defy handheld blender with the whisk attachment. Add the oils slowly to form an emulsion and finish with the white-wine vinegar. Season well and add additional flavourings according to your taste.


List of interesting substitutes:

●      *Use wholegrain mustard instead of dijon, add double the amount for a wholegrain mustard vinaigrette

●      * Freshly picked and chopped herbs add to basic vinaigrette

●      *Selection of spices

●      *Grated fresh ginger and coriander can complement a fish dish

●      *Pink peppercorns and sushi ginger

●      *Granadilla pulp and then maybe a sprinkle of sugar to reduce tartness

●      * Chopped sundried tomatoes and olives

●      *Sesame seeds and a dash of sesame seed oil

●      *Dried mushroom powder to taste and a drop or two of truffle oil

●      *Substitute white wine vinegar with other vinegars to add an interesting twist, raspberry vinegar, tarragon vinegar, balsamic vinegar