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Italy Creamy Butternut Risotto with Gorgonzola Biltong and Crispy Sage
Italy Creamy Butternut Risotto with Gorgonzola Biltong and Crispy Sage

1m read

Italy Creamy Butternut Risotto with Gorgonzola Biltong and Crispy Sage
ITALY CREAMY BUTTERNUT RISOTTO With Gorgonzola, Biltong and Crispy Sage1



The colder climate calls for comfort in a bowl, and nothing hits the spot quite like a steaming bowl of risotto. For this meal, Jackie Cameron has her compass firmly set on Italy. This sweet and creamy one-pot wonder is balanced out with a salty crumble of gorgonzola, finished off with a bite of biltong, South African-style. Bellissimo!


Butternut Purée



●      1 medium butternut, peeled, seeds removed and cut into cubes

●      50ml sunflower oil

●      Salt and pepper



Place half of the butternut on a baking tray with the oil, salt and pepper and roast until well caramelised. Place the other half of the butternut in boiling water and cook until tender. Keep the water you boiled the butternut in. Once both are cooked, place in the Defy measuring beaker with the Defy Hand blender with the blender attachment, and blend until a smooth consistency is reached. Strain and season well with salt and pepper.



●      Ingredients:

●      50g butter, salted

●      40ml sunflower oil

●      200g finely chopped onions

●      3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

●      200g risotto rice

●      1l chicken stock

●      Salt and pepper

●      Gorgonzola

●      Biltong

●      Deep fried sage leaves



Turn the Defy Multicooker to Sauté ON and heat the butter and oil together. Sauté the onions very well, add the garlic and allow to cook down while stirring. Once the onions are caramelised, add the risotto rice. Stir everything together to ensure that every grain of rice has been coated.

Heat the chicken stock in a separate pot. Add the chicken stock ladle by ladle, making sure all the moisture has been absorbed by the rice, before adding the next ladleful. Keep stirring the risotto continuously until the risotto is cooked. The risotto grains will increase in size and will become creamy.

Just before it is done, taste for doneness (it should be cooked through, but not cooked to mush),  add the butternut purée and complete the risotto cooking. Stir well to mix all together. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve immediately and garnish with gorgonzola cheese, biltong shavings and sage leaves.