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South Africa Butternut and Leek Breakfast Fry up
South Africa Butternut and Leek Breakfast Fry up

1m read

South Africa Butternut and Leek Breakfast Fry-up



Vegetables are the unsung hero of a delicious breakfast. Not only are they delicious, they are packed with goodness that will keep you going the whole day. After all, stamina is essential for getting back to work! Jackie Cameron’s recipe for dreamy, creamy scrambled eggs paired with butternut and leeks work together in perfect harmony to feed your family from their stomach to their soul.



●      2 leeks, stalks washed well and sliced

●      1 whole medium-sized butternut, peeled and cubed

●      40g butter, salted

●      30ml sunflower oil

●      Salt and pepper



Pre-heat the Defy Cooker oven to 190˚C. Blanch the leeks in a large pot of salted water until a change in colour to a bright green. Then plunge into a pot with ice to stop the cooking process. Set aside.

Roast butternut until golden on a baking tray in the Defy oven with the butter and oil. Once that is well roasted add the leeks and season very well.


Scrambled Egg



●      40ml oil

●      20 g butter, salted

●      2 whole eggs

●      125ml cream

●      Salt and pepper



Place a non-stick pan on the gas hob of the Defy cooker. Add the oil and butter. While this is heating, beat eggs and cream together. Add to the pan and scramble egg, using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. This quick process - do not overcook the egg: let it get a seal at the bottom then start scrambling and mixing. Season once the eggs are cooked. 

Serve immediately with the butternut and leeks.